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Your health-fitness mentor

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Absoulute Coaching founder and fitness expert Joy Watson has mentored runners and health-fitness clients one-on-one in South Florida, as well as remotely via online training across the United States and as far away as Germany and Hong Kong.

With over 20 years of endurance training experience, Joy has completed more than 30 marathons and ultramarathons along with numerous shorter distance races. She holds her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and retains the following certifications:

  • ACSM-certified Health Fitness Specialist;
  • ACSM-certified Personal Trainer; and
  • RRCA-certified Distance Running Coach.



I came to organized running later in life, but I have always worked out in some capacity, either at the gym, taking aerobics classes, yoga classes, or just finding a way to get some exercise in at home while raising four small children. As a kid, I thoroughly enjoyed all types of endurance play: playing outside on my own or with the neighborhood kids, camping with my family, taking hiking trips, running and chase games, riding my bike, swimming, ice-skating, roller skating—for HOURS on end. That was my joy.

Do you NEED someone to coach you? No. I did not have a coach when I began running at 37 years old. But, I WISH I had. I might have been able to bypass a lot of the mistakes I made and become a better runner much sooner. I DID read every book that I could find on the subject of distance running soon after I ran my first road race, which was (I’ll never forget) the Heart Run 10K in Fort Lauderdale about five months after I started running. One year later, I started training for my first marathon. I WAS TRAINING FOR A MARATHON! Oh, joy! I subsequently ran another 20 or so marathons along with running the local races every season from 5Ks to 30Ks, and eventually got into ultrarunning, which I LOVED! All along the way, I was writing my own training schedules and the training schedules for ALL of my friends. I LOVED it!

When I was 47 years old, my love for all things running inspired me to return to school to earn my degree in Exercise Science so that I would be more knowledgeable about the physiology behind the training. I also became certified in health fitness, personal training, and distance running, and I continue to read all the latest in the running world and the health-fitness industry, in addition to keeping my certifications up to date.

Now that I am older, many of my friends, and people my age and older, are hearing from their doctors that they need to make changes to their eating habits, lose some weight, and get more exercise. Their cholesterol, blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), and triglycerides are all too high, and they are hearing the phrase “metabolic syndrome,” which can lead to heart disease and diabetes.

I now include Healthy Living – which is becoming more and more important as I grow older – in my coaching, as well as running, which will always be my passion! At Absoulute Coaching we embrace all aspects of living a meaningful life.

Life is short – live joyously!

– Joy Watson, Absoulute Coaching