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Distance Running

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Absoulute Coaching’s Distance Running program is designed for the recreational athlete, fitness enthusiast, and/or competitive athlete who is looking for regular, consistent coach-athlete interaction to help them reach their unique goals. It is an excellent option for many athletes who are facing the challenge of balancing training with family, work, and other important life commitments.

If racing is your goal, Absoulute Coaching takes the guesswork out of training, advising you on all aspects of preparing for, and recovering from, your race—from goal establishment and working together with a customized training schedule to communication throughout your program as well as pre-race prep and post-race recovery. Programming is based on the training principles of overload, specificity, progression, and periodization.

Whether embarking on a first 5K, returning to running after an injury, or venturing into ultrarunning, all Distance Running clients receive personal, expert guidance to help plan their available training time most effectively.

Benefits & Features

  • Extensive initial startup process for each athlete, including health history, exercise/running history, fitness/running assessment, and goal establishment.
  • A customized, daily training schedule designed for each unique athlete.
  • Two phone consultations per month (approximately 30 minutes each), athlete or coach initiated and unlimited texting. Your coach will be available to answer any training questions you might have or you may use this time for pre-race/post-race consultations.
  • Unlimited e-mailing (e-mails are normally answered within 24–48 hours).
  • Weekly/monthly training goals and objectives to keep you on track.
  • Web-based training log to help you monitor your efforts and to keep your coach updated throughout the month.
  • Cross-training, strength training, and stretching (dynamic and static) recommendations, when applicable.
  • Nutrition and nutritional timing advisement.

Web-based Training Calendar

Coach Joy designs a personalized program based on your unique goals, training schedule, strengths, and weaknesses. You access your workout calendar online via a private login on the Absoulute website.